FeedSpider Dev Blog: Enyo, Cordova, and Android

So, yesterday, I finally went and did it. I fired up a Cordova project, dropped the FeedSpider code into it with zero changes, compiled the thing and set it running. And it worked!

Well mostly.

The stuff that I expected to break broke: sharing, notifications, and OAuth. But, those are the things that are platform-specific that I haven’t written for Android yet.

So, on with the screenshots!

FeedSpiderFeedSpider 2 FeedSpider3Android, Cordova, and Enyo play pretty nice together, don’t they? So, what will it take to make this work and get it ready for the Google Play store?

  1. A splashscreen.
  2. An upgrade to Enyo
  3. A rewrite of some of the core components of FeedSpider into pure Enyo 2, getting rid of prototype.js entirely.
  4. Implementing the platform-specific features.
  5. A facelift. The Onyx look is starting to look a little dated, but it’s easily re-skinnable to a material design look.

As always, I’ll post updates as I go. It’s nice to be getting back into FeedSpider!

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