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For my day job, I am a contract developer, running my own company and building web applications using HTML5 technologies and cross-platform mobile applications using PhoneGap. This is what lets me work on projects like FeedSpider in my spare time.

So, are you looking for someone to build you a website, web app, mobile app, or Windows application? Or are you looking for a couple of contract developers to help out your team?

OthelloVenturesWhat Othello can do for you:

Website development: Need a website? We do that! All the way from simple HTML/CSS brochure-style websites to more complex implementations using Content Management Systems such as WordPress. If you need it we can even set up your domain, hosting, and email for you!

Web Application Development: Need something a little more powerful than just a website? Using HTML5 and Javascript technologies, we can build you a web application that looks and feels just like a native app. We can even present it like one – packaging it as a Google Chrome App or a Mozilla Firefox App!

Cross-Platform Mobile Application development: Using cross-platform technologies, such as Apache Cordova, we can build you an application that runs identically across all of the devices that you need to support, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and even Tizen Phone and Firefox OS! We can also leverage the mobile code base to build a Universal Windows app or put it on the big screen with LG webOS or Tizen for TVs! How’s that for flexibility?

Windows Application Development: Web and mobile apps not quite what you need? We can build you a traditional Windows application instead. Specializing in C# (and C++ for when you really need it), we can build a Windows application that will suit your needs.

Not only that, our developers are North America-based, so you don’t have to worry about outsourcing your development to somewhere offshore, where the developers may not speak your language, and will certainly not be available in the same time zone.

Drop me a line to discuss what we can do for you:, or check out our website:

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