Happy 30th Anniversary to the Macintosh and a new version of FeedSpider

Just a short post today. I plan to have some longer stuff about some work that I did repairing a SystemSaver IIGS and Pimping an HP Microserver up soon.

First, a shoutout to Apple – happy 30th anniversary to the Macintosh. I’m composing this post on a Macbook Pro, and hope to continue using Macs for years to come (as long as they don’t turn into oversized iPads). If you haven’t heard about it already, don’t forget to pick up a copy of the 30th Anniversary Macintosh Icon font that Apple snuck into the 30th anniversary website as an easter egg (via OSXDaily).

Second, there’s a new version of FeedSpider available from the feed at http://feedspider.net/packages. This version adds support for AOL Reader, Feedly’s mixes API, and the Fresh and Archived feeds in TT-RSS. I’ve submitted it to the App Catalog, so it should hopefully be approved before too long.

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